Bike Rollers | Scott Sports Leads the European Market


Bike Rollers | Scott Sports Is the Leading Bicycle Manufacturer In Europe


If you closely watch cycling races and spend a fair amount of time on bike rollers, then you should know that Scott bikes constantly feature in major cycling races. Scott Sports, formerly Scott USA, is a popular bicycle manufacturing company headquartered in Switzerland. Aside from bicycles, the company also makes motorsports gear, winter equipment and sportswear. In 1958, Ed Scott made his own ski pole from aluminum, which proved to be better than steel or bamboo. This motivated him to enter the sports goods market with innovations. The company faced a steady growth as the quality of the components attracted major brands in the world. Now, Scott has its own line of bicycles, coveted by top pro cyclists.


Scott Sports Revolutionizes Bicycle Manufacture with Its New Innovations


As the company began to expand, it spent a lot of time in innovating new components that favor sports lovers. One of the best innovations in the history of cycling manufacture is the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar. This handlebar gained its prominence when Greg Lemond was able to use the handlebar strategically to win Tour De France against Laurent Fignon. Then, people started realizing the importance of sophisticated bike components which paved the way for the success of Scott Sports.


In 1991, Scott manufactured the infamous Unishock suspension fork for the first time and then it created the full suspension mountain bicycle which got the attention of cyclists everywhere. Now, Scott is a leader in manufacturing bikes in Spain and the company expanded its market to the whole of Europe. Scott supports multiple racing teams, especially in Europe and it is the sole supplier of equipment for GreenEDGE Cycling. Recently, Scott has agreed to sponsor US Domestic Elite Road Team and Elite Triathlon Team, the two major teams of US Military Endurance Sports.



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