The Stage of the Day


A new route each day. There’s always a good reason to ride on BKOOL. With #StageOfTheDay, it’s even easier.

There’s no better way to follow the pro peloton and get a feel for what they go through than to ride their race routes when the pros are racing them.

The BKOOL Stage of the Day brings you a different route every day, each one generally related to one of the most current races and featuring the most attractive sections of the routes

Stage of the Day

You’ll discover amazing mountain bike trails, feel the magic of the great classics and the challenge of climbing the most famous mountain passes in the world. Ever wonder how fast you’d complete the Giro d’Italia time trial – or any other race, for that matter? The BKOOL Stage of the Day is the perfect opportunity to measure yourself against the pros, and to get to know the terrain they compete on every day.

This is a new approach to following sports – certainly a change from lying on the sofa in front of your TV. You get to test yourself on a section of the race that the top cyclists in the world will compete on in just a few hours. Where would you attack? What would your race strategy be? Here’s an original and fun way to follow the latest cycling news and learn more about what it’s like to race on the world stage. You’ll always know where the next big race will be and what it’s like to ride there!

There’s always a good reason to ride with BKOOL

#StageOfTheDay is a unique opportunity to ride through a multitude of countries without leaving home, experiencing hundreds of video and 3D routes, so you never have to repeat a single ride – unless you want to.

There aren’t pro races on the calendar every day, but at BKOOL there are always good reasons to ride! You can enjoy the world’s most prestigious Gran Fondos and amateur races, ride through spectacular natural parks, among majestic canyons in the American west or the Amazon rainforest, pedal next to beautiful beaches in Australia and much more.

Look for each day’s #StageOfTheDay description on our social media stream and share it, even comment on your time. Catch up with your friends and try to beat their times – or simply enjoy the scenery and give your legs a workout while exploring the world. Have you ever wanted to train on the Monaco Formula 1 circuit? BKOOL gives you the chance!

At BKOOL, we keep working to make cycling simulations more and more real, try it FREE for 30 days!


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