Explore the Mediterranean with BKOOL


This week, we tour through the scenic coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

On Monday we are starting with a trip to Cap de Formentor, a cape with beautiful views on the Spanish Balearic Islands. We recommend you ride with the video view to get the most out of the island landscape. Don’t let the short distance fool you, this route is more difficult than it looks!

For Tuesday, we head to Italy to ride around Lago d’Idro. We’ll take an easy 20 kilometer tour under the Lombardy sun, the perfect route to disconnect after a hard day.

We continue the week in Greece, with a route from Sitia to Via. The island of Crete welcomes you on this medium-difficulty route, with a distance that will make you sweat.

We’re back on the Balearic Islands on Thursday with a route in Port de Pollença. This route has a video view that really shows the charm of the area, as you pass through both traditional villages and natural landscapes.

On Friday, it’s time to ride along the Italian coast, specifically in Palermo. Both the video view and the 3D view will make you feel part of the Bkoolers squad.

Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be riding together on the velodrome, where you’ll face 20 kilometers on the track to see who can get the best time. What better way to end the week?

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    • Hello Martin,

      To run the weekly routes you just have to enter the simulator at the indicated time. The route with a yellow star will appear in the highlighted routes section.

      Best regards,
      BKOOL team


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